SEED programmes are designed to bring you closer to job opportunities or employment leads through planned activities like networking, coaching and mentoring.

We all learn from experience. At SEED, we find value in learning from the experiences of others. Peer mentorship will maximise your professional potential, boost your social, academic and entrepreneurial confidence, and help you secure good references.

How it works

The Programme comprises eight mentorship teams, each led by a peer mentor with experience and proven entrepreneurial skills. Your mentor will lead you through six virtual mentorship sessions over six months.

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SEED mentors

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SEED mentees

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Through the SEED Peer Mentorship Programme, you will:

  • Receive guidance from your assigned peer mentor
  • Grow your skill set as a student entrepreneur
  • Find the balance between academics and business
  • Learn how to manage your personal and business finances
  • Grow your business profile
  • Connect with individuals who challenge you


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