SEED Speed Networking

Ever heard of speed dating? The concept of speed networking is similar, but instead of deciding on romantic compatibility, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with established professionals/entrepreneurs through business. Who knows, you may even find your future business partner!

Guided by set questions and topics, networkers will have 10 minutes to exchange information on their chosen field of study, career path, or business. This exciting experience is an opportunity to develop a lasting impression and connect with people who are already navigating the national and international job market.

Use your sessions to bounce ideas, ask for guidance, overcome setbacks, or simply build relationships with like minded individuals. You never know the magic that awaits when people with the same determination and drive put their minds together.


Prepare for your first Speed Networking Event

  • Set your intentions before arriving
    Ask yourself: Why am I attending this event? What is it I need from this experience?
  • Focus on getting to know people
    Instead of asking for contacts or leads, first try to build a good rapport with the people you speak to.
  • Show up as your best self
    Try to be as relaxed and natural as possible. Remember that the people you speak to were in your position once too.
  • Follow up and follow through
    If you say that you’ll send an email, make sure that you follow through in the coming days. Integrity is priceless in the working world.